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How to Contact Seller

How to contact a seller.

Navigate to the Ad that you are interested in.

Open the Ad.

At the bottom right hand side of your screen you will see a box with the sellers Name in it.

This box is both a live chat box along with being a method of leaving the seller a message.

Open the box a type in your message to the seller.

The seller will receive the message instantly.

If the seller is on line they can respond by typing in to their message box.

How to purchase Ads.

How to purchase Ads.

You must be registered to purchase Ads.

Register or Login.

On your Dashboard, click on the arrow on the Left hand side to open up the Dashboard.

Click on Update / Purchase Package.

Choose the Package that suits your needs.

Once paid, return to merchant.

Go to your Dashboard.

Click on Post an Ad.

Complete the Ad details and upload some photos.

Hit, Publish Ad.

How to view your messages.

How to view your messages.

Click on your Dashboard menu link,

Open up your Dashboard by clicking on the Arrow on the right hand side.

If you have any message the number of message will be displayed next to the message link.

Click on Messages.
Your message centre will then open.

Message will be displayed by User name and whether they are currently online.
If they are on line you can live chat with them by Starting a Chat.
If they are not online you can respond to a message by clicking Start Chat.

Request a Category

Request a Category.

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